Super Mario Scavenger Hunt with Downloads

For my son's birthday party I designed this Super Mario "Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker" scavenger hunt game. I've made some PDF's so that you can download and print your own Mario-themed scavenger hunt below.

Instructions: First, print off and cut out all of the clues to hide around your party venue (go easy on little kids - make it harder for older kids!) I laminated them on brightly coloured card to make it easy for my 5-year olds. Next, print off a clue sheet for each child and give them a pencil. The children manically run around (to Mario themed music!) and tick off all of the clues as they find them. The winner is the first to find all of the clues. I gave the winner 10 gold chocolate coins. Click on the images below to download the PDF's:
Download Scavenger Hunt PDF
Download Scavenger Clues PDF

Super Mario Homemade Party Bags

Super Mario birthday party homemade party bags! I just used plain brown paper lunch bags from Home Bargains, alphabet stickers that I found in my local post office, then I printed off a variety of Mario mushrooms; including 1-Up mushrooms, Power-Up mushrooms, Invincible mushrooms etc. and used a different one on each bag. Really cheap and simple but very effective. You can download the mushrooms that I used by clicking the image below to download the PDF:

Download PDF

Mario Mushroom Party Skewers

Super Mario Birthday Party Mushrooms
Here's my idea for a simple Mario-themed treat for your Mario birthday party (a great alternative for those kids with egg and gluten allergies too!). All you need is:

Kebab skewers
White chocolate
Piping bag
Baking potato
Tin foil

To make the stand, cut the baking potato in half, and cover with tin foil. You can then poke each mushroom skewer into it so that they stand upright.

Carefully pull the leafy ends off the strawberries. Put a marshmallow, followed by an upside down strawberry, onto the end of each skewer. Melt a little white chocolate and pour it into a piping bag with small nozzle. Pipe dots of chocolate all over each strawberry. And there you have it.

McDonalds Super Mario Activity Sheets 2015

Here are the Super Mario activity sheets from the 2015 McDonalds Happy Meal promotion. Simple number and letter quizzes suitable for Primary school aged children; with all your favourite super Mario characters - Peach, Yoshi, Toad and of course  Mario! Click the image to download the PDF.

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