Super Mario Printable Word Searches

Here's a link to the "Mario & Luigi: Bowser`s Inside Story" official wordsearch which you can download from the official Nintendo website and print out. You'll also find some old fashioned bookmarks and an 2010 calendar on this page!

Mario & Luigi Wordsearch Downloadable PDF

Here's another official Super Mario word search and colouring-in sheet for you to download and print. This time it's from MacDonald's Happy Meal Promotion. Click on the image to download.

Super Mario Word Search PDF
And here's a Mario word search with all of the major characters and baddies to find. Just click to download and print!

Mario Characters Word Search PDF

Here's a Super Mario Enemy Wordsearch that I have created. Click to download and print the PDF:

Mario Enemy Wordsearch PDF

Don't forget - you can find lots more Super Mario printable activities on my Mario Activities page.

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