Super Mario Colouring-In Sheets

I love these cute Cat Mario coloring in sheets from Nintendo Kids Club Website! On the official website there is a helpful PDF download of Cat Mario, Cat Peach, plus a cute Cat Compilation for any Cat Mario fans to download and colour-in to you heart's content. These would be great to have as a craft activity at a Super Mario birthday party.

Cat Mario & Cat Peach downloadable colouring-in PDFs

Yoshi's Woolly World colour-in characters! Colour in Yoshi, Sky Pop Yoshi, Shy Guy and Smiley Flower!

Click the image to download the PDF from Nintendo Kids Club Website
Next are these awesome Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker Colour-in Sheets, with Goomba & Shy-Guy colouring in sheets as well!

Captain Toad, Goomba & Shyguy Colour-in sheets download PDF

The next PDF I have found on the Nintendo Kids Club Website has 5 different Mario Colouring-in sheets to download and print off!! Inlcuding Mario, Luigi and our beloved Peach.

Mario Kingdom Character Colouring-In Sheets

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