Mario Downloadable Printable Block Templates

I made these printable Super Mario 3D World block templates for my son's birthday party. They look fantastic, and he still plays with them years later, even if they are a bit squashed! The thicker the card you can fit in your printer, the better. Alternatively, for longer lasting blocks, print onto plain photo paper, then stick the template onto thicker card using spray adhesive, cut out, score along the lines, fold & glue the tabs down. Get my Mario printable block downloads by clicking on the images below:

Click on each picture below to download the template.

Super Mario Downloadable Leaf Block Template
Leaf Block
Super Mario Downloadable Brick Block Template
Brick Block
Super Mario Downloadable Gold Block Template
Gold Brick Block
Super Mario Downloadable Pow Block Template
Pow Block
Super Mario Downloadable Question Block Template
Question Mark Block


  1. How big are they? Just as big as printing on regular 8x10 paper, or did you use larger paper?

    1. I use A4 paper (UK) - which is 8.5 by 11 inches. You should be able to use standard letter paper and just click "fit to page".

  2. What size paper did you use to print these out? Regular 8x10 paper?

  3. very nice of you of keeping it here for free, ppl are selling smaller things at etsy:s

  4. very nice of u of keeping it for free ill definately use this for my sons birthday very helpful
    god bless u

  5. Hey Thanks for the pictures, and keeping it for free. God bless you my brother.

  6. Thanks very much! These look great! My son will love having them at his Mario-themed 9th birthday party :)

  7. Hey, im gonna print some and give them to my co-workers, thank for creating them and sharing them online.


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