Super Mario Question Block Lamps

8-bit lit question block lamp
Question Block lamp by 8-Bit Lit, from £59
Yes, somebody has actually made and manufactured Mario Question Block Lamps, and you can purchase one! That person is 8-bit Lit who have managed to launch the product with funding from Kickstarter. This lamp is touch sensitive, and turns on and off by tapping it the bottom, just like in Mario. It also makes the real Mario 8-bit sound!

The standard ceiling light without stand is $59, with the stand it is $79. Order your Question Block lamp here. Note: currently sold out but available from June 2014. Subscribe to my blog and I'll update you when they make more!

Question Block Night Light from Etsy, £42.23 plus shipping

Etsy seller TheBackPackShoppe from Texas also makes a lovely range of Mario question block night lights to stylishly light your room at night. Check out what he has in stock.

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