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Mario Christmas Themed Printable Decorations

I've just discovered tonnes of awesome Christmas themed Super Mario free printable stuff! They're so colourfully cool! Must remember to make these next Christmas as my son would love them! All from the official Nintendo Kids Club Website and the Play Nintendo Website which is absolutely full of fun activities, games and downloads for our Mario fanatics.

Super Mario hanging Christmas tree decorations that you can download, print out, then cut out:

Nintendo Kids Club Mario Christmas Decoration Cutout Download PDF

And... Mario Christmas gift tags! Who knew! These are so expensive to buy in shops why not just print your own?

Mario Christmas Gift Tags PDF Download

And... printable Mushroom Kingdom Mario snowflakes! At a first glance these are just regular snowflakes, but upon closer inspection they are made up of mushrooms, stars and power-ups!

Mario Mushroom Kingdom printable Snowflake decorations

And... a printable 3D Mario hanging decoration for your Christmas tree! Beautiful! And fun to make for those papercraft enthusiasts.

Printable Mario Christmas decoration download PDF

Super Mario Printable Coupon Book Gift

These kids chore/reward coupons are such a great idea. The idea is, that the child gives it to their parent as a gift, then the parent can use the coupons as incentives for the child to help out around the house, or simply to "eat my veggies"!! I love it! I could probably get my son to do all of these things simply because the coupons are Mario themed!!

Super Mario Printable Chore Coupon Book for parents and kids PDF

Back to School Printable Backpack & Locker Tags

These are so cool I can't wait to make them! Plaster your school bags and locker with these colourful Mario labels and signs from the Official Play Nintendo Website. You could even put them on your workbooks and pencil cases.

Click to download the official Mario backpack tags

Click to download this printable Mario locker sign
...and here's a link to some foldable Mario backpack or luggage tags

Poochy & Yoshi Printable Valentine's Day Cards

This is so cute! You can download, print and make your own adorable Poochy & Yoshi Valentine's Day card holder, with lots of little cards to choose from to slip inside. You can even tie a a bit of string on to hang it on your desk or door! Below are the links to the two PDF's from the Play Nintendo Website

Click to download Pooch & Yoshi's Valentines day card holder PDF

Click to download the Valentine's day card inserts

Mario Kingdom Crossword Activity Sheets

Here's another cool download courtesy of the Nintendo Kids Club Website. Read the clues and figure out who the characters are on these nifty printable Mario crossword puzzle sheets!

Mario Crossword Activity Sheet PDF Download

Super Mario Colouring-In Sheets

I love these cute Cat Mario coloring in sheets from Nintendo Kids Club Website! On the official website there is a helpful PDF download of Cat Mario, Cat Peach, plus a cute Cat Compilation for any Cat Mario fans to download and colour-in to you heart's content. These would be great to have as a craft activity at a Super Mario birthday party.

Cat Mario & Cat Peach downloadable colouring-in PDFs

Yoshi's Woolly World colour-in characters! Colour in Yoshi, Sky Pop Yoshi, Shy Guy and Smiley Flower!

Click the image to download the PDF from Nintendo Kids Club Website
Next are these awesome Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker Colour-in Sheets, with Goomba & Shy-Guy colouring in sheets as well!

Captain Toad, Goomba & Shyguy Colour-in sheets download PDF

The next PDF I have found on the Nintendo Kids Club Website has 5 different Mario Colouring-in sheets to download and print off!! Inlcuding Mario, Luigi and our beloved Peach.

Mario Kingdom Character Colouring-In Sheets

Make your own Mario & Luigi Hat and Moustache Cutouts

The Nintendo Kids Club website is full of so many wonderful activities for our little (or big) Super Mario fans! Need a last minute Mario or Luigi costume? Well guess, what, you can print your very own hat and moustache. Just download the PDF, cutout, attach some elastic and perhaps a bit of double sided tape and Letsa Go!

Nintendo Kids Club Mario & Luigi Hat & Moustache Cutout PDF

Mario Christmas Colouring-In Sheet

You can download a really cool Christmas Mario colouring-in sheet from the Nintendo Kids Club website. It's a really cool website with lots of Mario activities. Check it Out!

Christmas Mario Colouring In Sheet PDF download

Super Mario Maker Artbook

There's some really cool downloads available on Nintendo's official Super Mario Maker Website - including a downloadable Artwork booklet, social media icons, wallpapers, and a Course planning sheet printout. Have a look at the Super Mario Maker Extras here!

Super Mario Maker Artbook PDF download

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Below are loads of ideas for hosting a fabulous Minecraft themed birthday party! Including games, activities and decorations. All of these are my own creations that I made for my son's birthday party. I have made my templates available free for you to download - I just ask that you do not use these for resale.

Minecraft Treasure Hunt

Minecraft Treasure Hunt Party Game with printable template

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