Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Below are loads of ideas for hosting a fabulous Minecraft themed birthday party! Including games, activities and decorations. All of these are my own creations that I made for my son's birthday party. I have made my templates available free for you to download - I just ask that you do not use these for resale.

Minecraft Treasure Hunt

Minecraft Treasure Hunt Party Game with printable template

Minecraft Treasure Hunt Party Game with printable template
 Minecraft Treasure Hunt Party Game with printable template
For this extremely exciting Minecraft treasure hunt, you will need: Minecraft papercraft blocks, a large sheet of cardboard, blu-tack and a printer to print off my downloadable minecraft treasure hunt template PDF.

Instructions: Download and print off the template. Use the first 5 pages to assemble your treasure hunt board as pictured above. It's good to stick this onto a nice big sheet of cardboard (from an old cardboard box). Next, cut out the square clues (on the white background). I find it's handy to laminate the clues so that the blu-tack can stick on nicely (also good if you want to re-use them). Stick each clue onto a Minecraft block (or other suitable objects), then hide the blocks all around your garden or party venue. At the blow of a whistle, release the children!! They will then run around frantically searching for the blocks. Once they find one, they must bring it up to the board, detach the clue, then stick it onto the relevant place on the treasure hunt board. Once all clues are in place, the game is complete. This is a real team effort game - with no winners or losers, so it's perfect for those party girls and boys that have a hard time not winning on their birthday!!



Pin The Tail on the Pig

All you need for this simple game, is a large piece of cardboard for the back, a few squares of pink, white and black paper, a bit of card for the curly tail, and a blindfold! For the sign, I downloaded the Minecrafter font from Dafont.com. In the background, you'll see my "nether portal" made from purple and black crepe paper strips.

Minecraft Pixel Art Craft Activity

For this very simple Minecraft craft activity You will need: Self-adhesive foam mosaic squares, and, my downloadable printable Minecraft Pixel Art Template PDF.

This is a great activity for those children that are a little bit shy or just need to calm down a bit!! Use the sticky squares to create mosaic pixel flowers or Minecraft objects. This is something they can take home too!


Creeper Target Practice Game!

This is a very simple game that you can use with NERF guns, balls, or beanbags. Put a marker on the ground where the children must stand behind, then throw your ammunition into the holes. Each hole scores a different amount of points. Have a practice and make sure it's not too difficult. The holes will need to be quite big for younger children.

How to make a Creeper: We used one very large old cardboard box, with a Minecraft Box Creeper Head on top. We stuck multi-coloured green squares all over it, then cut out the holes and added points. Very simple!


Make your own Minecraft Crafting Table

This crafting table is mostly just for decoration, but it also acted as a wonderful surface for playing the official Minecraft Card Game on.

What you will need:
one large square cardboard box, brown electrical tape, white electrical tape


Minecraft Brewing Stand


 This was just a fun little activity for those kids that love bubbles! Here's my downloadable printable template for  Minecraft potion labels PDF template. Just cut them out and stick around mini bottles of bubbles. I then bought some large bubble wands, and duct taped then around a tree (this stops them from spilling the bubble juice everywhere! Genius idea!)




Minecraft Happy Birthday Bunting

This bunting looks fantastic at any Minecraft birthday party. Here's my Minecraft Bunting downloadable PDF template for you. BEWARE: this uses up a lot of printer ink so could be quite expensive to print!!




Nether Portal

I made this nether portal out of purple, white and black crepe paper streamers and positioned it over the door. A really great decoration indoors or outdoors. I made the sign using the Minecrafter font downloaded from Dafont.com.


Minecraft Flowers

I bought a load of artificial flowers from IKEA, including sunflowers, roses, tulips and lots of other flowers that resembled those in Minecraft, and "planted" them on the lawn. A really simple decoration. You might also notice in the picture an inflatable pickaxe - which the children had a lot of fun with! 


TNT Birthday Cake

Red Velvet Minecraft TNT birthday cake decorated with buttercream and a little black fondant for the wires and lettering. Very easy to make as long as you have square cake tins and a good piping nozzle! Of course we had an fountain cake firework instead of candles!!


Slime Jelly Blocks

I'll be honest - none of the kids actually wanted to eat these - but they certainly squealed over them! Very simple to make. Use lime green jelly using half the water suggested on the packet, pour into a square tin lined with clingfilm, add in halved grapes and leave to set in the fridge. When firm, remove and slice into squares with a sharp knife.


Minecraft Party Food Table

 Below are loads of ideas for your Minecraft party food! I bought 3 table cloths - light green, dark green & brown, then cut squares out so that it resembled Minecraft grass. I decorated the table with Minecraft papercraft blocks, square green paper plates, and made food labels.

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