Super Mario Party Bag Fillers

Here are some really cool ideas for things to fill your party bags with at your child's Super Mario birthday party  (these are all also fantastic Christmas stocking fillers for your Super Mario fan!). If you wanted something cheap and easy you can just buy a big stack of Super Mario Lucky Surprise Bags. I've tried to source for you the most inexpensive places in the UK (including delivery) to buy all of these party supply items in bulk. Have a look at Tesco Party online as well to find lots of Mario party supplies all in one place.

Here are the official Super Mario Bros party bags. You could get creative and make your own boxes or bags but here is the easy option!
Super Mario Party Bags £1.44 for 8 from Amazon
These Mario Surprise eggs are quite cute and really fun for kids. Inside you get some little star shaped sweets, a sticker, and a toy which could be either a badge, a keyring, or a whistle.

Super Mario Surprise Eggs £15.99 for 18 from ZAP Sweets
My son loves these. For a while they were selling them in the magazine section of Tesco. Inside, you get a Donkey Kong poster, a lollipop, some refresher-style sweets, a Mario colouring-in sheet, some little paper things to hook over your pencils, and a toy which could be a whistle, question mark post-it notes, a Yoshi keyring, a Mario & Luigi jigsaw puzzle, or some pop out playing cards. Loads to do.

Super Mario Lucky Surprise Bags £14.99 for 15 from ZAP Sweets
They are what they are. Pez Dispensers! Choose from Mario, Toad, or Yoshi!

Mario Pez Dispensers - £16.99 for 12 from ZAP Sweets
Although plain, these little Mario Bros notepads are great for party bags. Put them together with the Mario pencils and erasers below and you've got a nice little set.
Super Mario Notebooks £2.29 for 4 from Amazon
These are quite hard to get hold of and go in and out of stock, but a must for any Super Mario fan.
Super Mario Pencils & Erasers from £5.84 for 4 on Amazon
Super Mario themed Qube's are small blue plastic brick shape tubs with lids that contain strawberry chewy candy, a sticker, sweets and a standee to collect and build. I have found these on Appleton Sweets website, however as they are a wholesale website the delivery fee is huge! I did find some in Toys'R'Us recently so have a look there first.
Super Mario Candy Qube £8.87 for 12 from Appleton Sweets
I love these Super Mario badges. My son likes to pin them onto his Mario plush toys! Great for school bags too. You could even buy a couple of packs and split them up for party bags.
Super Mario Badge Pack £3.89 for 5 badges from Amazon
These Mario Flyers are a bit of a disposable toy but fun nevertheless. A good addition to any party bag.
Super Mario Toy Flyers £2.27 for 4 from Party Puffin
I love these collectable keyrings on chains! They are a little pricey but if your budget will stretch they are a great little party bag filler or stocking filler, and not one that you will just throw away. 
Super Mario Collectible Keyrings from

Have a look at the Super Mario Party Ideas section to get more ideas for your child's Mario themed Birthday party. 

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