Super Mario Bedroom Lighting Ideas

We All know that most Super Mario games feature lots of clouds, and these lamps from IKEA look fantastic in any Super Mario themed bedroom. This cloud lighting comes in lots of nice bold colours that compliment any mario room - blue, white, orange and green.

IKEA SKOJIG Blue Table Lamp £16

IKEA SKOJIG Orange work lamp £20 

IKEA SKOJIG White Ceiling Light £15
You can also find a variety of star shaped lamps from Amazon. These are really fun, especially the colour changing ones - it's just like when Mario goes invincible!

Colour Changing LED Star Lamp from Amazon £1.59
And what about these little battery operated Toad-like mushroom lights! You get the set of three for only £3.85.
Mushroom Bedside Lamps from Amazon £3.85
If you want something more genuine-looking, then why not splash out on this hand made Super Mario Star Lamp from Etsy seller Plasmatorium.
Super Mario Star Lamp from Etsy from £47

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