McDonalds Super Mario Activity Sheets 2015

Here are the Super Mario activity sheets from the 2015 McDonalds Happy Meal promotion. Simple number and letter quizzes suitable for Primary school aged children; with all your favourite super Mario characters - Peach, Yoshi, Toad and of course  Mario! Click the image to download the PDF.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! We had a Super Mario-themed Happy Meal at Swedish McDonald's in 2013 where an activity sheet (although different from this one) could be downloaded from the Happy Studio website.

    Sadly, now that Happy Studio has relaunched its website again (this time to its "5.0 version"), all of the past activities and downloadable things have been removed. Not only that, Happy Studio only focuses on smartphones nowadays.

    Since November 20th 2015, Swedish McDonald's has released a new series of Mario-toys for Happy Meal. But instead of a new and interesting activity sheet, we got a simple (but in practice undownloadable) digital book with facts about the heroes and villains (which every Super Mario-fan already knows about).

  2. I love it to much I am a great big fan of Mario 😆😆


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