Official Super Mario Board Games

Here are all the Official Super Mario board games that you can purchase from the UK. There's all sorts of crazy games that you can have imported from Japan, but for now, here's an awesome selection of easily attainable board games for rainy days, for during power cuts, for Christmas Day, or for when your kids have spent far too long staring at the TV! These are fantastic presents for children but also for adults looking to add something special to their Mario merchandise collection.

This awesome Super Mario Monopoly board has just become available on Amazon. It's so cool, it even has coins instead of paper money. We've ordered it for Christmas, hope it's good.

Super Mario Monopoly - around £30 on Amazon

We bought this Mario Chess set for our 4 year old song for Christmas. And although he can't get his head around the rules of chess, he loves inventing his own role playing games with the pieces, which are, by the way, of excellent quality. I really recommend splashing out on this one.
Super Mario Chess Set - £37.48 from Amazon
This Super Mario Draughts and Naughts & Crosses set is just as good as the chess set. The cutest thing about it is the little Mario and Luigi "King hats". The tin is a really lovely collectors item.

Super Mario Draughts + Naughts & Crosses - £26.99 from Amazon
The Super Mario Memory Game is a great choice for our younger fans. It includes 52 character cards and 20 item cards with "Power-Up" play! The cards are good quality and are nice a thick. Looks fun!
Super Mario Memory Game - £21.99 from Amazon
Super Mario Yahztee?! You really can get anything these days. Featuring the well known Question Mark block cube as the cup shaker, these smart little dice feature the Mario power-ups.
Super Mario Yahtzee £27.99 from Amazon
Of course, there would have to be a Nintendo edition of Monopoly. If you live in an area with lots of power-cuts, then this is definitely the game for you! It even features a 60 minute speed play option!
Nintendo Monopoly £35.42 from Amazon
Super Mario Connect 4... they really have thought of everything. An intense game of logic, skill & an immense amount of sibling rivalry! This game is quite rare in the UK so often comes at a hefty price.
Super Mario Connect 4 - £53.72 from Amazon

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