Super Mario Printable Word Searches

Here's a link to the "Mario & Luigi: Bowser`s Inside Story" official wordsearch which you can download from the official Nintendo website and print out. You'll also find some old fashioned bookmarks and an 2010 calendar on this page!

Mario & Luigi Wordsearch Downloadable PDF

Here's another official Super Mario word search and colouring-in sheet for you to download and print. This time it's from MacDonald's Happy Meal Promotion. Click on the image to download.

Super Mario Word Search PDF
And here's a Mario word search with all of the major characters and baddies to find. Just click to download and print!

Mario Characters Word Search PDF

Here's a Super Mario Enemy Wordsearch that I have created. Click to download and print the PDF:

Mario Enemy Wordsearch PDF

Don't forget - you can find lots more Super Mario printable activities on my Mario Activities page.

Super Mario Temporary Tattoos

Super Mario Temporary Tattoos
Red Super Mario Tattoos
Blue Super Mario Tattoos
If your kid is anything like my kid they will love these Super Mario Temporary Tattoos. There's nothing more exciting than being temporarily branded with your most favourite thing. You can get them from Amazon for just £1.85, an excellent little stocking filler. These are also a great activity to have at a party. Just station a grownup in a corner with tattoos and a wet sponge and away they go.

Dress Up Mario Printable Activity

Dress Up Mario Printable Activity
Dress Up Mario
This is a really cool Mario print-out that you can download from It features Mario in his regular outfit, Tanooki costume, Helicopter costume and his Boomerang suit, along with plenty of other cut-out accessories with tabs that you can fold to "stick" them onto Mario in his undies! Cute!

Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack - Stars Catalogue

Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack - Stars Catalogue Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack - Stars Catalogue
Here's another precious item of Mario memorabilia that you will find difficult to get your hands on, due to the fact that you need to collect 3000 stars with Club Nintendo to purchase it from the Stars Catalogue. However, there are quite a few currently on Ebay at reasonable prices. This beautifully presented 2-disc soundtrack CD features 77 tracks performed by the Super Mario 3D World Big Band.

Premium Mario Playing Cards - Stars Catalogue

These have just been added to the Nintendo Europe Stars Catalogue. So unfortunately that means that you can't buy them with money (unless you get lucky on Ebay). You will need 3000 Stars to earn these beauties. Each shiny semi-transparent card is decorated with Mario characters and powerups.

Super Mario Rugs

These cute Mario bomb and Tanooki rugs are by Etsy seller Harmonden, who specialises in video game decor. She has loads more Mario rugs to choose from so have a look at her page and see what she has in stock.
Mario Bomb Rug from Etsy, £24.46
Mario Tanooki Rug from Etsy from £52 

This cute 1UP Mario mushroom rug from Etsy seller GrannysFanny is crocheted with individual squares to give it that pixel effect. Have a look at her Etsy shop to see what crochet rugs she has in stock at the moment.
Mushroom Rug from Etsy, £39.74
Technically this is an antislip doormat but it would look great in a Mario themed bedroom. The green stripes resemble the nicely mowed lawn that you often find in Super Mario 3D World. At only £4.50 from Ikea this is a brilliant way to add a splash of colour. You could even put a few in a row and it would be just like hopping between mario islands.
Green Mario Bedroom Mat
You could also go for a simple grass effect shaggy rug.

IKEA HAMPEN Rug in Bright Green £30

New Super Mario Brothers Printable Stickers

Mario Printable Stickers
Luigi Printable Stickers
These are great. You can print these official downloadable New Super Mario Bros. graphics onto either printer label paper or onto iron on transfer paper. Just download the PDF's, print, then cut out. Click on the pictures to download the Mario stickers from the official Nintendo website.

Yoshi Island Easter Egg Holders

Yoshi Island Easter Egg Holders Downloadable PDF's
There are 3 different designs of Yoshi Island Easter egg holders to choose from. Simply download the PDF's, print out, cut out, and glue! A fantastic little craft activity for our little Mario fans at Easter. Download egg holder PDF's from official website.

Super Mario 3D World Wallpapers

Make your own Mario Cat Ears & Paws

Here is Nintendo's official Cat Ears & Cat Paws Template which you can download and print. Luckily though it won't make your kids run up the walls when they put them on. You can download all kinds of cool stuff on their official Nintendo website.
Click the image to download the PDF

Click the image to download the paw PDF on the Nintendo Kids Club Website

Super Mario Bedroom Mural by Artist Sarah

Mario Wall Murals by Artist Sarah McDonald
These fantastic Super Mario wall murals are by Artist Sarah McDonald from Devon, UK, who specialises in retro art. They are my favourite on the internet. The colour scheme she has used is bright but not garish, the style is bold and just overall really cute. It's one of the most mature Mario themed bedrooms I have seen, I think both children and adults would love it. See all of the photos of this masterpiece below, you can also visit Sarah's website here.

Super Mario Question Block Lamps

8-bit lit question block lamp
Question Block lamp by 8-Bit Lit, from £59
Yes, somebody has actually made and manufactured Mario Question Block Lamps, and you can purchase one! That person is 8-bit Lit who have managed to launch the product with funding from Kickstarter. This lamp is touch sensitive, and turns on and off by tapping it the bottom, just like in Mario. It also makes the real Mario 8-bit sound!

The standard ceiling light without stand is $59, with the stand it is $79. Order your Question Block lamp here. Note: currently sold out but available from June 2014. Subscribe to my blog and I'll update you when they make more!

Question Block Night Light from Etsy, £42.23 plus shipping

Etsy seller TheBackPackShoppe from Texas also makes a lovely range of Mario question block night lights to stylishly light your room at night. Check out what he has in stock.

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